Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Steven Tate 7/19/2017

One of my goals for this year was to blog Tate's monthly updates...
well here we are 8 months later and I am finally getting around to tell you the story of his birth

Tate came in a whirlwind of panic and craziness, but hey who doesn't love a good story to tell?
On the 18th I had a doctors appointment where I had progressed some but my doctor was still telling me I was due on the 30th and that they would induce me the 31st. He did strip my membranes a little, but told me that I was still high so I was trying not to get my hopes up.
I had been crying after doctor's appointments for weeks because I was so done being pregnant and I just wanted to be done as soon as I could so I was determined this time to not let my appointment ruin my whole day. Instead I decided to do everything in my power to try and start my labor.
I came home and did a leg workout, walked around the neighborhood, jumped on the tramp with my kids and then after dinner a drank a little caster oil. That stuff is the worst, but I was desperate people!
Around 8 I was feeling a little sick and had one or two contractions but nothing that made think twice. I laid down in bed about 10 and was having contractions and couldn't sleep so I got up and started timing my contractions. My contractions were 5 minutes about, but they were really short and not that intense so I just kept watching tv and timing contractions. They progressed to 2 minutes apart, but were still short and they hurt but not terrible. I am a wimp when it comes to labor so I figured if I could get through them they weren't that bad. I called my mom a little before midnight and she didn't answer so I went in to wake up Mark. I woke him up, told him I was in labor and then had a really hard contraction where I yelled, "Why did I wand to do this?"

I called my mom again, had another hard contraction and told her to head over to our house. At this point I just kept feeling like I had to go to the bathroom so I went to the bathroom and there was this loud popping sound. I yelled, "Something just fell out of me!" and then looked in the toilet just to make sure. Luckily nothing fell out of me. As soon as that happened I was just in intense pain and having major pressure. Mark was waking the kids up and telling them it was ok and not to worry that I was in pain. I couldn't walk so I crawled out of the bathroom and Mark told me to get in the car. I didn't have pants on so Mark tried to put on some tight pants which I informed him wasn't going to fly. I put on his big basketball shorts, grabbed my phone and got in the van. Mark got the kids in and started driving. I was just breathing hard and trying not to yell out in pain anymore and trying not to push. Luckily we live 2 minutes from the hospital so it was a short drive.

Mark pulled up at the E.R. I got out and waddled in and yelled, "I feel like I need to push!"
They got a wheel chair and literally ran me through the hospital telling me not to push. I was shaking because I just wanted to push and really enjoying that ring of fire they talk about. As they were pushing me into a room a pushed a little because I couldn't help it and my baby was there. When we got in the room I told the nurses he's in my pants and he was. I can't tell you how good it felt to push him out! I was just trying to give every one an exciting night! 

So Tater tot was born in a wheelchair and his dad wasn't even there to see it. The kids and Mark came in shortly after and we all got a little time together before my mom arrived. Tate kept grunting and wouldn't settle down so they put him on oxygen and then took him to the nursery. He was having trouble breathing without distress so when the rains lets up they flew him to Chandler. We spent the next week in the NICU there until his lungs got rid of the fluid in them. We were so excited to finally be home and that Tate was nice and healthy!

The pictures uploaded in crazy order, but here are pictures from his first week of life. 

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Brown family reunion 2016

It's time to get back to blogging...mostly because this is how I have kept up in my babies. I have never once gotten a baby book, but I have done a blog post about every month for their first month and I plan to get them put in books, so here I go again! Tate can't be left out!

Lucky for you I have some pictures that need to be published from forever ago so here is a little catch up!
The Brown reunion is always a favorite around here. The only bummer is that is it one of the weekends that Mark has to work so we are always flying solo. Last year I took the kids up and camped with them and they loved it! They want to camp again this year, but I don't know if I'm up for the challenge with a baby.

The first day we were there Branson was was playing in our van so I told him to get out and he did and locked the doors with the keys in it. I had every set of keys in my purse locked in the van!
Luckily I have awesome uncles and cousins that enjoyed the challenge of trying to get my car unlocked.!it took them hours but in the end they one and I got back in my van!

Friday, July 15, 2016

All 7 of us

My little sister Sydney went through the temple in November. It was the first time that all 7 of us siblings were in the temple together!! 

I sure love this family of mine and that we can all be in the temple together!! I think I will keep them for eternity 😊. 

We are such a cute family 😊

Sometimes it is crazy having 5 sisters but I love it as well! They are all my best friends and we gained an awesome sister  when my brother married Esther!! There is never a dull moment when we are together