Friday, July 15, 2016

All 7 of us

My little sister Sydney went through the temple in November. It was the first time that all 7 of us siblings were in the temple together!! 

I sure love this family of mine and that we can all be in the temple together!! I think I will keep them for eternity 😊. 

We are such a cute family 😊

Sometimes it is crazy having 5 sisters but I love it as well! They are all my best friends and we gained an awesome sister  when my brother married Esther!! There is never a dull moment when we are together 

Primary program 2015

This little girl just makes me happy!! 

She loves primary and is such a great little singer! She always knows all the songs and said her whole part by herself!! 

I have to say it was nice to just watch this year and not be worried about the music!! 

Mom and daughter date

In December the place where Gray takes dance classes did a production of the nutcracker!

I got us tickets and we headed out for a night just the two of us. Gray was a little excited to say the least. 

We went and let her pick out presents for her brother and sister, had dinner together, and watched the show!! 

They did a great job and she loved when she was her teachers out there dancing! 

We love you Grandpa Ray

In June my grandpa and on my mom's side passed away. In November we were able to go to his memorial. 

It was great to remember my grandpa and all the fun memories I have with him. At the end the great grandkids sent off balloons for him!! 

They also got a McDonald giftcard which my grandparents always give to the kids at Christmas time! 

We are continually glad that we are back in Arizona and can be here for things like this! 


This family of mine is my greatest blessing! I love being a wife and a mom and I love all the silly moments we have together! Who else loves me for just being ridiculous? 

So handsome on his first day of primary!! 

Fire station open house

Way back in September or October one of the fire stations had an open house! 

This was Branson's dream come true! The kids all had fun sitting in the trucks, getting free stuff, and just playing!! 

We are definitely going back next time 😊

The captain's chair 

Blair just loves to run around and be crazy 

Who doesn't love a bouncy house? 

Branson looked so cute with his hat backwards! He did not love the mole trailer though and lasted about 1 minute! 

Every one loved their hats and we got months of use out of them!! Sadly they are all broken now. 

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Family time

We have been able to spend a lot more time with family and together lately! We are focusing on family because they are what matters. 

While Mark did some Christmas shopping we let the kids ride the carousel! I rode it as a kid and thought it was the greatest thing ever. The kids feel the same way about it! 
One day at the grocery store an older lady bought teddy bears and have them to my girls! I love small acts of kindness! My girls were in heaven and still love their bears! 
Picking out the family Christmas tree! I almost gave up after riding around for 2 hours but we found a great one finally!! Patience pays off! I need to remember that.